Imperfect Is More Than Just A Word. It's A Movement.

I remember when I realized how much I truly did struggle with perfectionism. It was a real wake up call. I wasn’t comfortable in myself and something needed to change. It wasn’t anyone else’s responsibility or blame. It was my obligation. It was my perspective and ability, or lack thereof, to be vulnerable with myself and with others that needed revamping.

Seeing the word “imperfect” in a positive light is a choice.

So is living an authentic life.

It is embracing living an imperfect life.

It is a conscious decision.

One that you make every day.



and night.

It means taking the risk, to be yourself and allow others to get to know and love who you really are.

What will you choose?

Be Strong

Be Courageous

Be Authentically You

Own Who You Are & Share It

We love you and we think you should love you too. It takes a lot to look at all of who we are — at the full capacity of ourselves — and allow vulnerability to occur long enough to let someone else in to see the genuine beauty of us. The all-too-common belief is, if we are 100% ourselves we have the ability to feel full rejection without padding. That “padding” is what we have learned to rely on to keep us “safe.” But what would life look like without the safety net there. What if you were your whole self and that was enough?

Spoiler Alert: You, ALL of you, are and always will be enough.

You are not alone. We all fear at different times and in different ways about how we look and if we measure up. What we tend to forget, however, is that it takes time to get from where we are to where we want to be.

Our greater vision is to encourage others to be honest about life, their life, and to promote authenticity every step of the way — no matter what stage we find ourselves in.


Imperfect is a word that encompasses all of us. Let’s allow the world to see how positive it is and can be.

Owning Who We Are

Pay It Forward: Spread The Word

Once the power and freedom of owning imperfection is felt it’s a hard thing to let slip away again. It is a gift that is continuous — and it is one to be shared.


  • Encourage people to read our site, to learn more about owning our imperfections, to check out the documentary we are making, to start using the word “imperfect” in a positive manner.
  • Get creative and reach people in the ways you enjoy most: through conversation, through photos, through film, through graphic design, through art of all kinds, through marketing, through social media, through programming, through social events — the list is truly unending. No matter who you are, right or left brain, young or old, you have been born equipped with a unique gift and we’d love for you to share this message through the amazing avenue of you.
  • If you are socially spreading the word online, let’s stay connected. Use the #positivelyimperfect hashtag to create a community of inspired individuals as well as a great visual representation of the movement spread.

Ready to rock?!


Give yourself permission to try something new and use it to help others – for in doing so, you help yourself.


| A Beautiful Unknown Author |

Let's Do Life Together