This Letter Is For You

This Letter Is For You

I write the letters to myself,” he said. “I write what I need to hear that day – then I give it away to someone who may need those words too.

It’s incredible to me how serendipitous life can be. Amazing moments that happen little by little and then all at once until it’s beyond question.

I am a huge More Love Letters enthusiast. I remember learning about it a few years back from an Instagram I saw posted of a tree covered with love letters for the picking one Valentine’s Day.

I remember then thinking how unbelievably beautiful and brilliant the idea was and vowed I would start writing and leaving letters myself. It took a little bit longer than I would like to admit to finally get my first letter out the door and into someone’s hands that needed it more than me.

Enter serendipitous moment number one as of late: About a month ago, I helped produce a webisode for an incredibly encouraging series called A Future Worth Having, with the amazing Chad Brown and Josh Solar. Josh spoke specifically on his admiration for the love letters movement. He even creates handmade cards for others to motivate as many people as possible to love in this manner. It was so inspiring to me and got me writing again.

It has been the most rewarding experience with every word written on each letter composed and then quietly given away. I’m currently working on a personal challenge to write 28 love letters by my 28th birthday next month.

I took a photo of that first letter — like a time capsule or some sort of reference point to remind me of where I was when I started. To encourage me to keep writing and never stop.

I’m unsure of whose hands my very first letter fell into. I have dreamt about it a time or two. I figured there was no better way to begin this blog, this site, than to share this particular starting point.

This letter is to the person who picked it up that day from the coffeeshop table where I left it.
It is to every person I have ever loved and ever will grow affection for.
It is speaking to the heart of me and to the heart of you — the one who is reading this blog and needs to hear that you are, more than anything, not alone.
This letter is for you…

Dear Friend,

Don’t take yourself so seriously. You have the right to laugh, to love, to be silly, to be honest, to be raw with anyone and everyone you meet. You are courageous even though your fears may try to convince you otherwise. You are full of hope — real hope. The kind that shines light in the darkest places and refuses to dim. The kind that keeps choosing love — even when it’s the hard, tough road. Always love, my friend, always. People may not go about life in the same way you do, but that is okay. That is where their story has taken them so far, but you can choose to love them even if they currently cannot choose to love you. You can be the part of their story, and yours, where they learned a little piece of what love, real love, actually looks like. Hope spreads like that. When you see something in its truest form it’s undeniable. It will always affect people in one way or another. That is just life. So, go on. Love well. Be courageous. Smile at yourself in the mirror and at a stranger on the street. Be you in the company of others. Allow rejection to fall on you like the lightest snow; while cold, it is not enough to freeze you out or make you pack up and go home. No, allow it. Know that it is not you that caused it and there is a beauty in letting it happen. It is accepting who you are with no excuses. It is knowing that your worth doesn’t stem from anyone. Your worth comes from who you were made to be. I am praying for you — the one who found this letter. I am hoping that your life unfolds in the adventurous ways you have always imagined. So take that risk. Pursue your passions. Call, or better yet, visit the person that is on your mind right now. Life is made of love and people. That’s it. Now go live it!

A Friend

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