The Dream: Creating An Inspiring Doumentary

As I get older, I seem to run into the same basic issue through each experience had and conversation shared. The need for perfection or the illusion of “having it all together” is palpable. When did it become common practice to be ashamed of our genuine selves?

Imperfect is a documentary film attempting to squash the negative connotation this word sadly carries and to celebrate the individuality of each person owning who they uniquely and inherently are at the core.

This short film will showcase an artistic interpretation of imperfection through collective interviews of people telling their real life stories. This piece will ultimately show that all life is asking of us is to simply live it with authenticity.

"Pieces" | Imperfect Documentary Promo

Indiegogo Crowdsourcing Campaign

HUGE thank you to all of my donors, encouragers and supporters!!! Every post made, dollar raised, email sent, words-of-affirmation received — every last bit of it has made all the difference in making this project a reality and has significantly touched my life personally. My gratitude is unending and my heart is truly full! The film is underway!

Imperfect | Documentary | Promo

Building A Film

If you are passionate about this issue, here are a few ways you can help us out and be a part of this movement and film:
  • Share your story. We all have one and they are all worth telling. You never know the difference you can make for yourself and for others in this great action.
  • If you are a blogger, feel free to blog about what we’re doing and encourage your readers to check out our story.
  • Do you love Instagramming? Instagram whatever inspires you and link to our campaign with the hashtag #positivelyimperfect
I cannot thank ALL of you enough for taking the time to read about what is on my heart and to help make this filmmaker’s dream come true. If nothing else, I hope this campaign alone can inspire each person who comes across it to think twice about needing to “have it all together” and instead, to take a breath and just be you.
It will change your life.